Mold design

Mold design

  • With a team of engineers and skilled workers with modern equipment (CNC machines, CNC EDM, CNC Wire Cut ... ..), we get the design and manufacture of molds and machining plastic products industry Injection molding machine products. Your guests will get satisfaction, quality and reputation on each product when coming to us.
  • Manufacture of plastic injection molds

    Manufacture of plastic injection molds

  • Many years of experience in the field of plastic mold, mold, plastic products, in order to bring benefits to the user. With a workforce of young, professional, enthusiastic and creative, we have to bring our customers the plastic products, precision mechanical products and high technical level. Along with the increasing demands of users, we are always looking for and applying new techniques to create more useful products to meet the needs of partners and customers.
  • Machining of plastics

    Machining of plastics

  • Zion experts of all kinds of molds, blow molds of plastic products and plastic injection to undertake the processing of plastic products according to customer requirements, partners.